A note from Founder Sharon Leslie:

It wasn’t that long ago that Glacce Bottles were made by hand in Colorado.As our business grows, it’s our mission to explore and execute ways of making Glacce more ethical, eco-friendly, accessible and magical. To do that, we’ve kept the same care and attention-to-detail in everything we do, just like we did years ago in Colorado. Feedback from our customers and a dedication to creating the highest quality product possible has been a guiding force as we evolve and expand as a company. We’ve implemented several changes to ensure that the customer experience with Glacce is the best of the best.We’ve carefully selected our manufacturing partners who we trust to deliver a consistently well made product. We’ve deployed an expert quality control team for an extra layer of checks and balances. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and whenever possible, uses recycled materials. We strive to work with wholesale vendors who value the health of our planet the same way we do. Throughout this journey, we’ve actively kept our values to do right by the planet and it is at the forefront of decision making. We recognize that this is an ongoing process and aim to set the standard and push our partners to be better whenever we can. 

Our ultimate goal is to create products that you can feel good about buying, and with that in mind, here’s a few facts you should know.

Our Crystals

The crystals used in Glacce bottles are 100% natural. We only use quartz as quartz has been deemed safe for use in drinking water. While we are exploring adding to our line of crystals, and always welcome recommendations, we will never use a crystal that is unsafe to put in your water. No malachite, no labradorite, etc. Each crystal is hand cut, shaped and polished. While you may notice a difference between your crystal and your friend’s, each one was grown by the earth and cut by hand. Sourcing crystals is a complicated and an often opaque process. Due to lack of regulation and globalized standards, the crystal industry struggles with transparency and supply chains are not always clear. It’s an ongoing conversation and one Glacce is very actively a part of.

We see crystals as gifts from nature, tiny works of art, and we never want anyone to take that for granted. Crystals are not a renewable resource, therefore inherently unsustainable.

That being said, there are endless opportunities for our industry to have a positive impact on both the land and environment as well as the communities involved in mining and finishing the stones. We feel a great responsibility to ensure that the crystals in your bottles are being retrieved from the ground in the most sustainable, ethical, and socially conscious way possible. We came into this with little knowledge of the industry and have invested a huge amount of time and energy into research and conversations to deeper our understanding of the problem and identify solutions, whether they exist yet or not. We are dedicated, and every time we learn more, we’ll add it to this page.Right now, our crystals come from various mines in Brazil, Madagascar, Arkansas and Mexico. By 2020, we want to establish relationships with fewer hand selected mines that either already have sustainability programs for their communities and their land or who are willing to implement such programs. 

Other Materials

The only materials used in Glacce Bottles are stainless steel, glass, crystal, and a minimal amount of plastic. Being a plastic-free product is at the forefront of our development, and we hope to be plastic free by 2020, if not sooner. Our packaging always has been and will remain 100% recyclable. As much as possible, we use materials derived from recycled products in our packaging. 

Where Glacce Bottles are Made

Glacce Bottles are made in China and every component of the Glacce Bottle is made by hand. Founder Sharon Leslie has visited the facilities where Glacce products are made to understand what “made in China” truly means. In the case of Glacce, made in China means working with a team of creative individuals who take pride in their work, are open minded to our ideas of making the product more sustainably, and understand our mission to create beauty and reduce waste. 


Quality is at the center of everything we create and do at Glacce. Glacce products are the highest quality you will find on the market. We have strict quality control measures in place from our manufacturing facility to our shipping center to make sure the product you receive is the best possible representation of Glacce. We are constantly in communication with our customers and vendors to improve our product and our customer experience. If you feel that we ever fall short of our promise to delivery the highest quality product, we want to hear from you, please email support@glacce.com.