Sharon Leslie and Julia Schoen grew up in New Orleans and have been best friends since kindergarten. From a young age, crystals and crystal elixirs captured their imaginations. This innate interest, combined with the education garnered from Julia’s dad (an artist who introduced her to the spiritual power of crystals) and Sharon’s Dad, (an engineer and geology enthusiast who introduced her to the scientific technology of crystals) created the basis about how to integrate crystals into their daily lives.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina brought a great deal of loss and trauma into Sharon and Julia’s lives, but ultimately became a catalyst for exploring the power of gratitude and love. With their knowledge of crystal healing, and in an effort to spread that power to the people, Glacce bottles were born.


Photos by Blvxmth





Known in alternative healing as vessels able to store and transform negative energy into positive, crystals are transmitters of potent energy . A crystal elixir is created when a crystal is added to water to revitalize its energy.



The word elixir stems from the Arabic word “al iksic” which means “miracle substance.” Crystal elixirs have been crafted by alternative healers for centuries, and are referenced in ancient Grecian and Chinese texts as cures for specific ailments.




Crystal Energy is as real as the energy that is quite literally, everything. Crystal Energy is the perfect energy encapsulated within natural crystals found deep within the Earth. Each crystal possesses its own unique frequency known to help with certain ailments & enhance desired qualities in ones life.

We believe that crystals represent the perfect balance between symmetry and imperfection. Seeing the beauty in imperfection allows for deep healing and manifestation of love for self and others. In each of our products, we use the scientific and spiritual properties of crystals to remind us that healing can happen with harmony and ease when we harness the power of positive energy.

Crystals are like little gifts from the earth; finite, one-of-a-kind, beautiful. They help remind us to be present. The true philosophy behind Glacce that encompasses all that we practice & preach, is the idea that beauty has the power to heal. When we see something beautiful, we are automatically struck with a sense of joy, a sense of peace - this state is called presence. And the more present we can be, the more gracefully we allow our bodies to heal, the more bliss we experience, and the deeper we can feel this form of gratitude, the more magic we welcome into our every day lives.