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Sharon Leslie and Julia Schoen, the founders of Glacce, have been best friends since kindergarten. Their upbringing in New Orleans exposed them to a magic that set the foundation to their exploration of the world as a dynamic place where, if you are open enough, the depth of your experience is endless. As co-founders and business partners, Sharon and Julia compliment each other perfectly. Their strength as a duo lies in their shared philosophy of life and business and their dedication to creating the reality they want to see.

‘There is nothing more noble, to me, than to be a good guest and to be a good host. Every space I enter I aim to leave it better, more beautiful, than before I was there. As a guest of this world, this is my why.’
— Sharon Leslie
‘I want to create peace within myself so to inspire others to create peace for themselves so the world, as a whole, is more peaceful. I aim to do this through the things I create, through appreciating and being inspired by the magic of nature.’
— Julia Schoen



Crystal Energy is the perfect energy encapsulated within natural crystals found deep within the Earth. Each crystal possesses its own unique frequency known to help with certain ailments & enhance desired qualities in ones life.

The mission of Glacce has always been the same: to create & share beauty with the world.

Since the creation of the Glacce Bottle we wanted to share the beauty of crystals with the world because we felt like crystal healing had been this well-kept secret. We wanted to challenge the way people talked about crystals by demystifying the experience and approaching the use of crystals in the most practical of ways, seeing them as actual tools.

After using our own products everyday and through feedback from our fans and customers, we started to explore beauty’s role in the healing process. In regards to “crystal energy,” we’ve always found it easy to explain to even the most skeptical how crystals can work for anyone. We discovered power in beauty and thoughtful design with a theory that beauty itself inspires presence, which, in turn, inspires healing. With the simple recognition of something beautiful, however personally defined, this instance propels us into the present moment immediately. It’s like a form of automatic gratitude for something so striking you realize you only truly exist in this moment.. Here with this beautiful experience.


As we ever-evolve 

the oceans thank you 

for your support in making sure 

self-care and sustainability 

go hand in hand. 

Create beauty. 

Reduce waste.